Well this post shows that you can’t know it all. Whilst whiling away some time during my first visit to Whistable last weekend and after drinking an Oyster Stout or two I found a second hand record/video/dvd store.

Whilst browsing the punk section (which was the only section worth browsing it has to be said) I came across this single by Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls.

This got me to part with a miserly £2 on two counts. One was that I haven’t heard any of her other work after she left Penetration and two it was produced by Martin Hannett someone whose works I seem to end up collecting. Murray was joined by Robert Blamire who was also in Penetration whilst The Invisible Girls were a group in their own right and at times included Vinney Riley (Durutti Column), Pete Shelly and John Maher (Buzzcocks) for mp3 skulls

Riley was missing from this release which saw Wayne Hussey (Sisters of Mercy/The Mission) on guitar. However the nucleus of the band after reading up on the net seems to be Hannett and keyboard player Steve Hopkins. It’s getting complicated – maybe I should have laid off the stout!

This single is far removed from what Penetration had produced and can only be described as delicate pop music whilst the flip side is very new wave synth pop.

Not sure I would go out and look for some other of her work though although if I past Whistable again and browse through the same shop and it’s there who knows!

Searching For Heaven was released in 1981 on Illusive Records.